Monday Morning Tech Tip: Adaptive Charging

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Preserve your phones long-term battery health by enabling this feature.

With Adaptive Charging enabled, your phone will charge rapidly until it reaches 80%. It will then slow down - charging at a rate of 0.5-1W, or even pause charging temporarily. The phone will time it so that the battery reaches 100% charge just before you wake up.

It works based on your sleep schedule - detecting when you plug in at night, and the time your morning alarm is set. With this information, it can calculate when and how quickly to charge the battery.

This may prolong your battery's life-span because constant fast-charging causes the battery temperature to increase, which will cause it to degrade more over time.

On iPhone, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Optimised Battery Charging.

On Google Pixel and OnePlus, go to Settings > Battery > Adaptive Battery.

Other manufacturers like Samsung use Adaptive Fast Charging, which will slow the rate of charging by reducing power output as it gets closer to 100%. It doesn't sync with your sleep schedule though.

You will need to use a genuine charger for Adaptive & Fast Charging functions. For best performance, safety and reliability, you really should use the charging equipment that was designed and engineered for your device.

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