New iPhone SE 2020

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Apple have just released their second iPhone SE (Special Edition). This will be available for £419.00-£569.00, so is a cheaper alternative to the 11, XS & XR.

According to it's specs, we'd say it's best described as an iPhone 8 with a better rear camera and faster processor.

From looking at early teardowns, it's constructed just like the iPhone 8 - just as the original SE was when compared to the iPhone 5S. It could be that some of the components are compatible/interchangeable.

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This is good news, as we've found the iPhone 8 to be the most reliable model. It's also a switch back to LCD screens, which are significantly cheaper to replace.

From seeing the teardowns, and with the timing of this release, it suggests to us that this was a strategic move by Apple to save money on components that they've been manufacturing for the last few years.

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