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The eagerly awaited Galaxy S22 series is now available (at Samsung, not Talkback Comms, sorry). We here to review it though.

The S22 Ultra offers somewhat of a revival to the discontinued Galaxy Note line. This 6.8 inch powerhouse of a device builds off of the Note 20 Ultra from 2020, with it's built-in stylus, and flattened aluminium top and bottom.

A much improved design in our opinion. Squared-off edges, and no more big fat camera bump. Samsung have done a good job of making a giant device look so sleek.

Insane display: 500 pixels per inch, 120HZ refresh rate and 1750 nits peak brightness - which is enough to blind a small child.

Quad rear camera: 108MP wide, 12MP ultra-wide, 10MP 3x and 10x telephoto; 40MP front-facing. We don't really care for camera specs anymore. Every current flagship device takes photos that look better than real life anyway.

It has a 5000 mAh battery, which should last 40-50 hours with normal usage. It takes an hour to charge at 45W, which isn't too bad, but is nothing on some of the Chinese manufacturers.

We start off at £1149.00, and climb to a cool £1.5k for the highest spec option - 1TB storage, 12GB RAM. The S21 Ultra had 16GB of RAM, so we've gone backwards here for some reason. But It's still more than you could ever need.

You get a free set of Galaxy Buds Pro (RRP £219.00). No need to drop another two hundo on premium Bluetooth earphones.

Samsung have promised five years of software updates and support. We like this. It gives people confidence that their device will remain current for long after they buy it.

Don't have £1500 for an S22 Ultra? Buy a refurbished S10 instead.

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