Disconnect to Reconnect: Airbnb Bookings Without WiFi for Nature's Sake

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In an era dominated by constant connectivity, a surprising trend emerges – people intentionally booking Airbnbs without WiFi to counteract Nature Deficit Disorder. Choosing accommodations in remote, nature-rich locations allows individuals to unplug from the virtual world and immerse themselves in the tranquillity of nature.

Going off-grid is usually associated with meditation retreats; not holidays. The intentional disconnection serves as a remedy for stress, anxiety, and the detachment from nature prevalent in daily life. Airbnb hosts in remote locations are recognising this need and are promoting their properties as digital detox havens, offering guests a chance to rediscover the therapeutic benefits of taking a break from tech and immersing in nature.

It wasn't long ago that WiFi was a luxury; a fancy extra; an expensive add-on. Nowadays, you expect to have free WiFi everywhere you go. You feel a little disgusted; slightly offended even, if your accommodation, cafe or gym doesn't have WiFi. Seeing people push back on this trend is interesting. Perhaps we like to think we could cut back if we needed or wanted to. For some, it takes going to digital rehab for a bit - where "using" isn't an option. When we mastered transportation, we had to build gyms to satiate our need for physical struggle. As we master communication/connectivity, we must build designated spots to satiate our need for rest, solitude and nature.

For those who like the idea of camping, but are partial to running water, basic hygiene, climate and humidity control, non-tinned food, and a good night's sleep on a supportive mattress, then Airbnb Rural could be a viable option for your next getaway.

I won't be actively seeking out accommodation without WiFi, but I get the sentiment. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to unplug the router every once in a while. It is kind of hard to enjoy the view while reading emails and Reddit threads. The view gets kind of boring fast though.  

"No WiFi" is a luxury now. What's next?

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