One charger to rule them all

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You may have seen our recent blog post on the switch to a universal charging solution, i.e. USB-C. If not, you can check it out here.

As we expected, European lawmakers have announced a provisional agreement which requires electronic devices to be equipped with a USB-C charging port. This will include smartphones, tablets, headphones, consoles and speakers.

This legislation will come in to effect by Autumn 2024.

So yes indeed, your next (or next-next) iPhone will use USB-C instead of lightning!

Laptop manufacturers will be subject to the same requirement, but have been granted an additional 40 months to get their products in order.

Why is this a good thing?

> USB-C charging allows for higher current and higher voltages, which means faster charging. Some new phones with USB-C can charge at 100W; fully charging the battery in less than 30 minutes!

> Faster data transmission - transfer photos, videos and files between device 10x faster with USB 3.0, as appose to USB 2.0 (Lightning).

> Wider compatibility. Imagine having one cable to connect Android phones & tablets, Windows PCs, monitors, speakers, game consoles, MacBooks, iPads, and now; iPhones.

> More manufacturers = more options and better quality at lower prices.

> Consumers will save money. £260 million is currently wasted every year on unnecessary charger purchases in the EU.

> Reduced e-waste - Unused and discarded chargers and cables account for 11,000 tonnes of waste every year in the EU.

Soon you will add your old lightning cable to your drawer of obsolete "will keep it anyway just in case" chargers - even if it's just for a bit of nostalgia in 10 years time.

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