Optimistic & Operating Throughout COVID

by George Lovell | | 0 comments

With lockdown restrictions being eased, and the growth of COVID cases slowing, we're seeing more customers, more cars in our car park and more people out and about generally. 

We hope to see more restrictions eased soon, so that we can begin our economic recovery, and people can get back to work and living their lives.
Now is the perfect but also critical time to support your favourite small and local businesses. Most shops and cafes have implemented protective measures, creative solutions, new products and special offers to encourage customers and to continue operating. 

As we get things back on track, stay healthy to maintain a strong immune system, and continue to socially distance in public, so that we can minimise the spread of the virus. 

We are continuing to operate in the same manner for the time being. We are very grateful that we've been able to continue working and offering our services throughout this pandemic, and we really appreciate just being able to have a chat with our customers!

Thanks for reading!

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