Phone screens - LCD vs LED

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Those fortunate enough to own an iPhone X, or a newer model, may have been unfortunate enough to discover the significantly increased cost in getting the screen replaced compared to previous models.

This is because Apple switched to using LED (Light Emitting Diode) screens; clusters of red, green and blue diodes that form to create a pixel. These can be individually switched on or off to create a display.

Whilst other popular brands such as Samsung and have been using LEDs (and more recently dynamic AMOLED screens) for some time, the LCD screen will soon be a thing of the past as LED becomes the industry standard.
LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens use a backlight to illuminate a panel of tiny crystals, which sit between polarising glass filters. The crystals rotate to allow or block light from travelling through, which creates a specific colour.

LED screens are more energy-efficient, lighter and give a better quality display. However, they are significantly more expensive to manufacture.

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