Is the Google Pixel a threat to iPhone and Samsung?

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Google recently released the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel Watch.

MKBHD gives us a good look at them here.

Straight out of Star Trek: The camera visor is made out of one continuous bit of metal, which is an improvement on the top-heavy block of glass that we had on the Pixel 6. Aside from being 0.2" smaller, this appears to be the only design change, yet it makes the phone significantly more attractive than its predecessor.

Here's Jerry trying to destroy the thing with a utility knife.

The best camera in a smartphone?

The consensus amongst expert tech-reviewers is that the Pixel 7 Pro camera is the best on the market for daylight photography, and might just be the best all-round camera available right now with it's impressive zoom capabilities, ultra-wide camera with autofocus and macro capture, which is powered by Google's latest camera software. 

Google's Tensor chip also continues to impress: The "Unblur" feature uses AI to fix blurry, out of focus images, with remarkable results.

With all the various camera options in different settings and contexts, no single device can be declared the undisputed champion of photography. But we certainly have another contender.

As for the Pixel Watch, here's an in-depth review from Toms Guide.

To summarise in conjunction with other tech reviews:
  • It looks and feels amazing.
  • It's on the smaller side - which means limited screen space and a tiny battery, which struggles to get through a whole day.
  • Integrated Fitbit software makes for highly accurate health, fitness and sleep tracking. FYI: Google own Fitbit.
  • Voice-to-text for message response works well.
  • Google Assistant and Google Maps are awesome apps, so having them on a watch is nice.
  • £339.00 is a competitive price

All in all, it's a pretty solid first attempt, and we're looking forward to future generations.

The overarching theme at the forefront of my mind is the increasing strength of the Google Ecosystem. Google have such a strong range of products, which when coupled with a tremendous smartphone and a capable smartwatch, makes it a very tempting package...

  • The Pixel has the best version of Android OS.
  • You've got great every day tools in Google Assistant, Maps, Wallet, Calendar, Drive and Gmail. 
  • The tech is setting up to take over your home, with Google Home, which includes Nest, Wi-Fi, and Chromecast. 
  • Google's parent company, Alphabet, own some absolute powerhouses, including YouTube, Waze, and Fitbit.
  • As well as specialising in ads and cybersecurity, Google are dipping into a number of exciting tech niches, including autonomous vehicles, drone delivery, AI research, and biotech. This level of diversity could bolster the consumer ecosystem in unforeseen ways. 
  • The product range now includes a smartwatch and Bluetooth earphones, plus a first-gen tablet - due to be released in 2023.
  • The Chromebook is a great value laptop, but doesn't appeal to professional users in the way that a MacBook or Windows laptop does.

If Google shift their focus towards improving their consumer products and services, we could certainly see them offering a polished, integrated ecosystem that rivals Apple's.

So yes, a lot of potential for the Google Pixel. We think that there's a 50% chance that we'll be talking about the "Big 3" in smartphones by 2030, rather than the current "Big 2". That is, unless a Chinese brand like Xiaomi or Realme can win over the hearts of Western consumers, and make it a four horse race.

Given its current measly 3.3% market share, the Pixel has some serious work to do.

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