Beware of visual hackers

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Now available: Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone.

This premium quality screen cover offers edge-to-edge protection against scratches and damage.

The privacy version of our screen guard range offers anti-spy protection - the phone's display is only visible to the user, and cannot be seen by anyone peaking from either side.

Micro-louver technology allows light to pass through only at certain angles. It's a similar concept to venetian window blinds, which allow daylight to pass through whilst simultaneously blocking direct line of sight.

As we utilise and adopt technology for more things, our cyber-security becomes increasingly important. Passwords, biometric authentication and encryption are essential tools in protecting against hackers. But what about someone sat next to you simply sneaking a glance at your screen?

Whether it's work email, online banking, or just scrolling social media, you don't want a Nosey Nelly next to you on the bus watching your every move do you? Or maybe you're into that; each to their own. But if you want to keep your data to yourself, then visit our store and we will supply and fit one of these gizmos to your device.

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