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We've always had an interest in this topic, and stay up to date with news, articles and studies.

This article is a very balanced and refreshing view on healthy and productive social media use.

It's a quick, easy and informative read, so we thought we'd share it: Full article

Quotes from article:

" Habits form naturally through repeated use. Use any site or app enough, and you’ll form associations in memory between cues, such as site alerts and your smartphone, and responses, such as logging on. "

" Social media platforms have figured out how to make pallid online rewards as real to humans as food pellets are to rats. Likes and followers gain fuel when they become public. Users then engage in social comparisons, feeling good when they gain social recognition and bad when others’ accomplishments diminish their own. Social pressure is part of the experience. "

" Students in a recent study were able to decrease social media use by simply putting their phone charger farther away or making their phone less accessible by putting it in their purse rather than pants pocket. "

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