Using your mobile phone in the Middle East is expensive

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Here's another reason not to go to the Qatar World Cup...

Mobile networks charge £6.00 - £15.00 per MB of mobile data whilst roaming in the Middle East.

Whilst there is usually a £45.00 cap on data, there is no cap on calls and texts.

If you're on ID Mobile, you're out of luck. According to Uswitch, a 1 week trip could cost you £969!

Our players won't be too worried: Raheem Sterling makes £969 every 30 minutes - continuously 24/7, not just whilst on the pitch. Yes, really.

Vodafone wins by a desert mile here, coming in at just £42. About 90 seconds of existence for Raheem.

Several of our straight male customers are off to the World Cup. Whilst we cannot advise on how to safely speak, dress, or exist in Qatar, we can offer the following tips for avoiding an unwanted penalty whilst travelling:

  • Check if your network offers a roaming add-on. Check what their standard rates are abroad.
  • Turn your mobile data off. Only use Wi-Fi, but be wary of entering sensitive details on public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Use WhatsApp, messenger, or another app for Wi-Fi calling and messaging.
  • Download everything before you go: World Cup apps, maps, media (music, movies, TV shows, podcasts), boarding pass, hotel details etc.
  • Consider picking up a pre-paid SIM from the airport or a shop. You will get a much better deal on minutes, texts and data.
  • Cancel your trip and watch the games at home or at the pub.

We will be supporting both our nations (We have some Welsh blood), but we will remain open as usual during the games.

This time, it really is coming home. 
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