Can't hear anyone on the phone?

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It's hard to take your client or partner seriously on the phone when they sound like a droid in a tornado.

Do you frequently get ear infections? Perhaps blasting heavy metal through headphones 24/7 has given you tinnitus. Or maybe you're just getting old.

If none of these apply, then either your ears need cleaning, or your speakers do. In either case, we can help.

If your earpiece speaker is quiet or unclear, then it's often a quick, simple and inexpensive repair. We can replace the mesh or grill, which often gets blocked up with dust, earwax, sweat, sand, food particles, asbestos, and God-knows-what else - thus allowing the sweet, dulcet tones of your Mother-in-law to pass through your ear canal with pristine clarity. The speaker itself will not need replacing in most cases.

This fault mostly occurs in iPhones, particularly in the X, XS, XR and 11 series - so much so, that we've added "Quiet Earpiece Speaker" as a repair option on our website: Repairs & Services

Because you don't want to be that psycho screaming at their phone on the tube, or worse, having a long catch up with their mate on loudspeaker.
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