Oppo on the up and up

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This is an Oppo Reno8 Pro 5G.

What do you think of this design? We're certainly not OPPOsed to it.

It looks a bit like a Galaxy S22 from the back, and an iPhone 13 from the side. It has a flat, edge-to-edge AMOLED display. With a small hole-punch for the front camera, and ultra-thin bezel, this results in a 93.4% screen-to-body ratio.

For us, in the current era of smartphones, this might be the pinnacle of design in terms of aesthetics.

We find large camera bumps and lenses a tad displeasing to the eye. This is a compromise that manufacturers have made in recent years in order to continue delivering more powerful cameras. Oppo have done a decent job here of integrating a chunky camera setup into a sleek body.

With a 10% market share, Oppo are the 2nd largest Chinese smartphone manufacturer, and 4th largest in the world. Oppo is looking to boost it's brand in the UK, which is congruent with our own data, which shows a larger relative increase in Oppo repairs than any other brand in the past 12 months.

The products are good, but breaking into Western markets is all about branding and public perception. It's really hard to persuade consumers to switch from brands that they recognise, trust, and love (Apple & Samsung). Oppo must know this, as they recently signed to be the official sponsor of the UEFA Champions League. If you aren't familiar with Oppo yet, you will be soon.
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