Rising cost of living

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Pay day is at the end of the month. Fuel is £1.80 per litre. Food prices could skyrocket. Gas and electric bills will increase by up to £300 next month. National insurance is going up too. 

Money is really tight right now. We could all do with a winning scratch card.

We expect to see more people choosing to live with a cracked screen, instead of getting it repaired. Also, less people will upgrade to the newest iPhone 13 Pro, or Samsung S22, and will instead opt for an iPhone 11, or 12, or Samsung A-series phone. Alternatively, people may choose to continue using their current phone, and switching to a £10/month SIM-only deal.

For those on a budget, here is what we would advise, and how we can help.
Consider a mid-range smartphone. The slightly older and/or cheaper devices are perfectly adequate for most users. We have not made any recent technological leaps with smartphones that justify dropping a a ton of money on an upgrade.

If you have an iPhone 7 or 8, that you'd like to keep using, but the battery doesn't get through the day - just get the battery replaced. It costs £29.99, and takes less than an hour. This might keep your phone going for a couple more years.

If you need to get your phone repaired before pay day - use Klarna. Buy now, and pay in 30 days with no interest or fees. This is available on our website.

Sell your old device. If you've recently upgraded, don't leave your old phone in a drawer. Turn it into cash. It's certainly not going to gain value, so selling it on is a great way to make something back on your upgrade. If you don't want to sell privately, we buy phones - even if they are broken.

If you need any help or advice with the options above, give us a call on 01275 390655, or visit our store in Portishead.

Buy, sell or repair a device

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