Insane Siri Upgrade

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S-GPT is a new feature for iOS devices which integrates ChatGPT into Siri. The result is Siri on Steroids.

Here's an excellent demonstration by Brandon Butch.

Why is this such a big deal?

The application can read, analyse and process huge amounts of raw data, then use it to provide extremely specific and precise solutions to the user.

Here are some examples of what you could ask it to do for you:

"I want to go on a trip to Paris this Summer. I'd like to go for about a week. Check my calendar to see what dates I can do and whether I can fly from Bristol airport. I'll be travelling on a budget so give me a few options on cheap hotels."

"Create me a playlist with classic rock songs from the 80's and sort them by release date so that I can listen to them whilst running."

"Summarise each of these three newspaper articles in 200 words or less - and make it really easy to understand"

This highlights two things:
> What an exciting era of tech we're entering into.
> The unlimited potential of AI.

We are close to each having a digital assistant that knows all your needs and preferences. It will be able to respond to all your emails, create and consistently update a personalised training and nutrition program, do all your shopping, create your budgets and pay your bills, and download all the movies, books and recipes that it knows you'll like - or maybe even create them itself!

Absolutely wild.

Credit to whatever genius created this 👏

Thanks for reading!

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