Samsung Screen Repairs

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Replacement screen assemblies for these models are expensive, due to their high quality, curved AMOLED panels that present such a clear, eye-catching image.

We find that most customers can live with a little crack on the glass. When the glass is completely shattered, touch screen is not responding, or display has failed, that the user is left with no choice but to get it repaired.

Some people have insurance, so they can get their Samsung repaired at a lower cost (typically £50-£100 excess vs a £70.00 - £250.00 repair; depending on model). The main disadvantages of using insurance is the 1 week turnaround time, and potential loss of data if the device can't be backed up.

Sometimes, it's just not economical to get a phone repaired - but what if the touch-screen or display has failed and there's valuable data on it? We often encounter this, and offer a data recovery service - which simply involves fitting a screen temporarily to extract and/or transfer the data to another device. This means you can rescue your data at a fraction of the cost of a screen replacement.

We strive to provide a great Samsung screen repair service in the following ways:
> Genuine parts - Ensures that your screen will have the exact same performance and appearance as when it was new.
> Price - We charge a very fair labour rate - less than our competitors. We'll price match or beat any other company that is using genuine screens.
> Quality guarantee - The screens are good, they're fitted properly, and we test them thoroughly. We give a 12 month warranty on repairs.
> Turnaround time - We keep our most popular Samsung screens in stock, so that we can get them done within a couple of hours. With so many models, in different colours and variations, we can't keep everything in stock, but we can get it delivered next-day. And if you're really desperate, we have a loan-phone service.

Samsung repairs:

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