It's time to repair your own iPhone

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Apple have released their Self Service Repair program in the US, starting with the iPhone 12 & 13 (because it's the new models that really need repairs right). We've found the repair manuals.

Here's some of our highlights:

> Sand is the new rice, apparently. We are really looking forward to cleaning sand out of iPhones. The sand is included in the toolkit in order to contain a "battery thermal event", i.e. if you pierce your battery and it explodes. Be advised that this Sand may not be compatible with future updates.

> You have to rent a hefty 36kg toolkit! This costs $49, and is delivered by Tony Stark himself.

> We're kind of jealous of the screen removal machine. This would make removing 12 & 13 screens a lot easier. There's also a display press for resealing.

> One advantage they do have over us is system configuration, which allows the user access to software that will calibrate replacement components to avoid "Non-genuine parts detected" notifications, and incompatibilities that disable Face ID.

> Never reinstall a screw. Learn something new every day.

We're not sure how popular this program will be. The parts are original, meaning they'll be perfect in terms of quality and reliability, and the tools provided look really good. Still, for someone that wants to repair their own phone, there's a lot of hoops to jump through, and despite saving on labour costs, it's not much cheaper than going to Apple or a third-party for repair.

The goal of the program is to appease Right to Repair. Apple need to be seen to be complying with consumer laws that are putting increasing pressure on tech companies to be sustainable. They don't actually want you to repair their products. They want you to buy another one. Well played Apple 👏

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