My iPhone camera is rattling

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Ever wondered what happens when an angry wasp gets trapped inside your phone?

Check out this video of a phone that we had in for repair

If your brand new iPhone 14 Pro is doing this, put it down immediately.

No, you ain't tripping. Many users are experiencing this issue when using third-party apps that use the camera - Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram etc., whilst the stock camera app works perfectly.

This suggests that it is a software bug, whereby existing coding for iOS 16 is not fully compatible with the coding in third-party apps. This should be fixed in a future iOS update.

Whoever's responsible for testing this function is in fact signing their redundancy agreement as you read this.

iPhone cameras use Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS). This is a mechanism which utilises gyroscopes to detect movement, then activates tiny motors to adjust the camera system. This compensates for angular movement in order to maintain a smooth, focused image.

In the video, you can see and hear the OIS trying to stabilise the image at extremely high frequencies.

We think that this constant and violent rattling could permanently damage the camera mechanism.

If the camera is shaking when using the stock camera app, then we know that it's a fault with the hardware, i.e. the camera module itself.

This is actually a fairly common problem in most iPhone models, and it easily resolved with a replacement camera module.

Note: The video shown is of an iPhone 12 Pro with a defective camera module.

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