Cold out there mind init?

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Small talkin' 'bout the weather is as British as tea and crumpets.

Not everyone watched the rugby. Not everyone got stuck in traffic this morning. But rest assured that we are all experiencing the exact same weather conditions simultaneously. It's quick, easy and relatable. It's not controversial or debatable - provided it doesn't spark a discussion on climate change.

One survey found that Brits speak about the weather three times per day for a total of 9-10 minutes, which adds up to four and a half months across a lifetime.

That's a lot of weather talk. Sure beats Covid talk though.

Why bother?

Polite conversation on trivial matters simply allows the speaker to convey friendly intentions and a desire to engage in a positive interaction. We can signal and gauge each other's current moods without speaking it explicitly. Such conversational foreplay lays the foundation for deeper, more important topics of discussion. Sometimes it just fills an awkward silence, which can feel like social rejection, which can induce a state of mild panic.

You might get a bit fed up with having the same damn chat over and over today, so just remember that it serves a purpose and that we're all freezing our asses off in the same boat because we can't afford to turn the heating on - there's a hot-n-spicy conversational stepping stone for ya.

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