Sony Walkman's & Brain Chips

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Can you believe that people used to go jogging with these?

It's interesting to think about how various industries and activities have changed in our lifetimes - mostly for the better.

The fact that you have instant, unlimited, and mostly free access to information and entertainment would have been inconceivable just two or three decades ago.

Don't take your phone for granted.

To have access to video conferencing, GPS, a digital voice recorder, digital watch, camera, video player, music player, and videogame console, would have cost you hundreds of thousands of pounds in 1990. In 2022, it's all available, at a superior quality, on a £60 smartphone.

Just as every bit of technology that you currently own will be obsolete and have zero value in 2040, all the technology that you dream of will be commonplace. Self-driving cars, virtual reality and videogames that are indistinguishable from real life, instant voice to text and translation, treatment of degenerative diseases, blindness and paralysis.

How about listening to music with no external device? 

As for smartphones, some people predict that we will move beyond handheld devices, into seamless wearable tech, augmented reality technology and eventually a direct brain-machine interface.

We didn't sign up for brain chips, or life in the metaverse, but we're here for it.

*This isn't an April fools post by the way*

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