Speaker quality on the iPad Pro

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We've had our fair share of big boy iPads through the door recently - three iPad Pro 12.9's in for repair here.

You will notice, in the top left of this iPad, what looks like a fan, but is actually one of four woofers; located in each corner of the Pro 11" and Pro 12.9" models. In front of each of them; a tweeter; meaning eight speakers in total.

Phones and tablets typically have weak speakers, especially in bass frequencies, because they're limited by their size.

By this standard, the sound quality on the iPad Pros is excellent. Audio is loud, punchy and crisp. However, reports for the newest M1 iPad Pro suggest that the audio quality is poor compared to previous models. We haven't tested it ourselves yet.

Given the size of these devices, they make for perfectly suitable mini televisions - because artists and professionals need Netflix breaks too.

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