Tracking step count over Easter weekend

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We had an unfortunate accident, but we still working!

Sadly, we will not be able to open on Good Friday, but will be open on Saturday as usual. Not sure about Monday yet.

The daily step count is down, but still, 1700 on one foot isn't too bad.

Using your phone to track steps can be a really useful tool. It's unlikely that you will the exact same number of steps every day, so tracking will help you stay consistent, or progress as needed.

Here's the key benefits and important notes on using your smartphone to track steps:

There's a ton of physical and mental benefits associated with getting outside, away from work and stress, absorbing sunlight, and moving your body.

Walking is significantly more effective at stabilising blood sugar than pharmaceutical intervention. It also aids in digestion, boosts your immune system, and is good for your joints.

Walking is an easily accessible activity for most people. It's a really convenient and efficient way to exercise. You've got to go shopping and take the dog out anyway, so just go a little bit faster and longer!

If weight loss is your goal, walking is an easy way to increase your daily caloric expenditure, without building up fatigue or appetite.

If you're already extremely active and/or competing in a sport that requires high power output, then walking is a great tool to enhance recovery. Walking does not risk the "interference effect" from occurring, which causes training adaptations to be diminished by endurance activity. The interference effect often occurs with conventional cardio exercise. It's also super low-impact and low-risk by comparison.

It's been proven that regular short, brisk walks throughout the day are more effective than a single long walk. 3x 10 minute walks daily are great. It's also a much more refreshing way to take a break from mental stimulation than scrolling on your phone.

Your phone probably won't be as accurate as a smartwatch or fitness tracker, but it's one less thing to buy and carry around. It will underestimate or overestimate your steps to some degree. But as long as its consistently inconsistent, the data is useful.

There's tons of step counting apps. For iOS & Android, StepsApp is very good. Samsung Health is very popular with Android users for it's accuracy and user interface.

So get out and get some steps in! Your heart will thank you.

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