What is Error 53?

by George Lovell |

Whilst Error 53 has been a persistent issue for Apple users for quite some time, it only really came to light recently when papers such as The Guardian published articles stating that Apple devices could be rendered useless following certain hardware repairs. This is the result of a built-in security feature in which a software update following a home button replacement would cause the device to enter ‘Error 53’ mode. The reason for this according to Apple was to check whether the TouchID function was in working order before leaving the factory. This is because the fingerprint scanner within the home button assembly is uniquely coded to each device for security reasons, thus having it replaced would result in a mismatch and eventually ‘brick’ the phone. It’s important to note that this was not an issue with the iPhone 5S; where a home button replacement simply resulted in the loss of the TouchID function. It’s also important to note that a straightforward screen replacement should not have caused any issues with Error 53 as the original home button assembly should not require changing.  

Following what we can only assume to be thousands of complaints, Apple eventually released an update to patch Error 53. Here’s how to avoid a trip to the Apple Store:
- Update iTunes to its latest software version on a laptop/PC
- Connect your device to the laptop/PC with iTunes installed and updated
- Open iTunes & select your device
- You will be given options to Restore or Update the device. From here click Update.
- The Apple logo will appear on the device. You will eventually see and be able to select the Restore option. If you are unable to get to this stage and are stuck on the Apple logo for a few minutes, then try holding both the Home & Power button simultaneously for 10 seconds to reset the phone.
- Next you will be able to set up the phone, as you would have from new. If you previously backed up your data on to iTunes then you may wish to set it up from this back up rather than from new.

If this method fails and you are faced with a different error code then it is advisable to visit the Apple store. Note that if it was a home button replacement that caused the initial fault that you will no longer be able to register a fingerprint.

Home Button Repairs
Following this update we are glad to announce that we can now carry out home button replacements on newer Apple devices. Prices and information can be found on our website or via contacting us. See Apple iPhone 6 Repairs. Apple iPhone 5S Home Button Replacements can be completed as usual.     

There we have it...
Not the most exciting tech-topic, but one that we certainly had to cover and have had to explain countless times since the issue came to light. If you have any questions regarding Error 53 (or anything mobile-related, then you can get in touch with us here.

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Black Friday Edges Closer

by George Lovell |

What with just one week until Black Friday and just over a month until Christmas, we expect to see shops slashing prices and goods flying out the doors as usual, and none more so than in the technology industry where savings of £50+ will be made on tablets, TV’s & more. Its estimated that last year, The Black Friday & Cyber Monday periods saw household & technology sales quadruple; yes literally four times as many household & technology products than usual were sold on these days.

Whilst we probably most associate Black Friday with the idea of hundreds of people crawling up and down aisle after aisle of large department stores, it appears that more and more people are taking advantage of online shopping to satisfy their bargain-hunting temperament; with over a quarter of total spending during this period occurring online.

Why this Friday in particular?
Black Friday is typically an American ‘holiday’, as it occurs the day after thanksgiving, where most people will consequently take the following day off; seemingly to go shopping. The massive footfall during this period led to businesses fiercely competing for sales by slashing prices, opening at 4AM and so on. This whole occasion got its official title back in 1961 in Philadelphia, USA. This day not surprisingly ties in with many peoples pre-Christmas pay cheques, & suggests that a majority of the population uses this period to do their Christmas shopping, which perhaps helps explain why this trend now occurs worldwide where thanksgiving does not exist.
Cyber Monday did not come into existence until 2005, and was merely a marketing term used to encourage consumers to shop online. This of course worked, as online businesses promoted their products & cut their prices, leading to what is now the single biggest day of the year for online shopping in terms of number of sales and total money spent.

So where to be next Friday… Well of course you can expect to see some great deals on our New, Used & Refurbished iPhones, iPads, & Mobile Phones. Expect to see £100 savings on our Refurbished iPhones in great condition versus buying new. You can keep up to date with most of our prices on our website, in particular when you’re looking to buy a premium quality, used & refurbished iPhone or iPad at the lowest possible price. The perfect gift for Christmas. Browse our Pre-Owned Apple devices here: And remember, as always that if you do go out and inevitably drop your phone during the stampede of keen shoppers, that you can visit us or send us your device for repair. See our repairs here:

However you decide to spend the coming weekend, we wish you the best, thanks for reading,
Talkback Team

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Launching Our New website

by George Lovell |

Our new website is finally here!
On Monday 9th November we finalised the launch of our new website. After many hours of hard work, we were ready to switch from our previous address:, to our new site We’re excited not only for the complete revamp of our site, but also the new international opportunities associated with switching to a .com domain.

We encourage our users to be patients whilst we’re ironing out any mistakes and adding to our product collections over the next few weeks. We’ll certainly be looking to add some new and awesome content in the near future!

Now for a quick look at our new site:

Our New, Pre-owned & Refurbished Mobile Phones can be found here:

Use the dropdown boxes to select what you want and see the price adjust accordingly. Demonstrated on our current best seller here:

Cheap Pre-Owned, Refurbished iPhone Variants


Mobile Phone Repairs can be found here:
You may have to request a quote if the repair required has not yet been added to our site, in which case we will get back to you same-day. Don’t forget we’re an iTechnician approved repair centre and that you can visit us in store if you’re local. We are based in Portishead near Bristol. For our full address see About Us:, or search ‘ mobile phone repairs Portishead ’

We will also continue to buy your old mobile phones. We are iBuyBack approved and pay more than the other top recyclers on average! Want to sell your phone to us?
Be sure to check to see what condition your phone is classed as, fill out our form and expect to receive a quote same-day.

We hope you’ll enjoy your shopping experience with us, and encourage any feedback on our new site, or just in general! We also appreciate you sharing our site, this post or whatever it is you’re seeing, share it and we’ll throw in a discount on a future repair/service. Spread the word!

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