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Have you ever seen a movie villain using an iPhone? The bad guys are prohibited from using any Apple product on camera.

The company says its products should only be shown "in the best light, in a manner or context that reflects favourably on the Apple products and on Apple Inc.”

For decades, big tech brands have been using product placement in movies and TV series. Most companies employ someone to work with Hollywood movie studios to get their products on screen.

It works - brands that we recognise in drama and fiction are particularly striking. You always notice what phone or laptop the protagonist is using.

The emphasis on branding might explain the incongruent lack of phone cases and broken screens in movies. There'd better be a pristine Apple logo on that phone.

A few other pet peeves of ours:
> When the phone is lit up on the home screen, whilst the actor is on a call.
> Extremely loud typing clicks and notifications that don't match the operating system being used. Also, when it beeps to end a call.
> The photoshop edit that puts an old school messaging interface onto a modern device, with odd colours and bubbles all over the place.
> The overly formal, blunt and concise dialogue on phone calls and text messages. No one ever says "bye" either.
> Hackers using a MacBook. Furiously smashing keys for a few seconds to break into a government database.
> Flip phones in modern movies - unless they're burners of course.
> Characters searching on Bing.

Do phones in movies make you cringe sometimes?

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