Local man completes fundraising exhibition

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Our friend Jamie is back at it again, taking on awesome challenges to raise money for Teddy Bear Children Support.

In his latest adventure, Jamie explored the mountains and icebergs of the Arctic Circle. The exhibition involved kayaking around Greenland and hiking up steep mountains.
The Leader Magazine published the story:

The journey began in the remote village of Oqaatsut, where Jamie’s and a team of three others met up. Two members of the team used a tandem kayak for the journey, but Jamie’s previous experience meant that he was able to use a single. They headed to a bay where they camped overnight.

Day two saw the team kayak the Arctic Circle on the Labrador Sea towards Pakistok Bay through what Jamie describes as a “City of Icebergs”.
Icebergs can be dangerous and were frequently heard breaking down. Jamie said that it sounds similar to a gunshot when an iceberg breaks.
On day three Jamie and the team again headed towards Pakistok Bay. The team even spotted a whale. The weather up to this stage was rainy and cold about 6 °C.

Pakistok bay is an extremely rural remote location with no wifi or phone signal or network, however, they had a satellite phone and GPS system and flairs in case of an emergency.

On day four the weather was sunny and the temperature increased. Pakistok bay was described as being “fairytale-like”. Jamie and the Team prepared for a hike up to the summit of a mountain named Kijssaviap qaqa which is 777 meters in elevation.

When they reached an elevation of 350 meters they could see that the summit of Kijssaviap qaqa was completely covered in mist, so the team turned around.
On day five the team began heading back Oqaatsut, and a local expert instructed and guided Jamie to kayak a shortcut root back.
The following morning Jamie began the journey back towards the village of Oqaatsut where the challenge ended.

Jamie made it back first and the team congratulated him. Jamie said that he enjoyed this Challenge and Expedition, and found it very, interesting, educational, and beautiful.
Congratulations and thank you, Jamie.

We are looking forward to seeing your next adventure!

Check out the video here

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