The CPU is the Managing Director of your computer

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It processes information from programs, applications and internal components.

You could also say its like an orchestra conductor, because it does not execute instructions from the operating system, but it directs other parts of the system to do so.

In a computer, the CPU is located in the middle of the motherboard, underneath the fan, or a heatsink connected to the fan. It sits in the middle so that it can communicate with everyone else efficiently; more precisely, billions of transistors receive and interpret 1's and 0's in the form of electrical signals; executing billions of cycles per second, and transmitting data to the correct destination via a complex network of copper lines.

Picture a time-lapse video of a busy road in the city - everyone's driving through an organised traffic system, carrying out a specific job at a specific time and location; in order to keep the city running.

This, but literally billions of times smaller and faster, all inside the device that you're reading this post on. Neat.

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