The iPhone 13 launch was last night

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Overall, it was a bit underwhelming. Here's our key points.

> As with the 12 series, there will be a 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max.

> Display - Finally, an iPhone that doesn't feel sluggish. The 13 Pro and Pro Max will have a 120hz display. This means that the screen can refresh 120 times per second, which makes video and gaming a lot smoother. It's taken Apple a long time to catch up on this, but it's a welcome upgrade.

> Design - As you can see in the image, the rear cameras are now positioned diagonally, and the front camera notch has been reduced, which frees up some space for the display. The phone is a tad thicker and heavier. Then, there's a new colour - "Sierra Blue", which doesn't look anything special.

> Storage - The 13's start at 128GB, and the Pro & Pro Max are available with 1TB of built in storage.

> General improvements - As usual, there's some small improvements to the camera, processor and battery.

> Still waiting on Touch ID to come back; built in to the power button or the screen.

> Still no USB-C port. Apple are sticking with the lightning port.

> It was rumoured that the 13 may have satellite connectivity, but it doesn't.

> The most expensive iPhone yet will set you back a minimum of £679.00, up to £1549.00.

Check back later for our key points on the new iPads.

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Check back later for our key points on the new iPads.

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