The Notorious Computer Virus

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Our lives depend on technology. Better said, our lives are inside technology. All of our passwords, finances, communications and files are bouncing from server to server around the world, around the clock. If you're not currently paying attention to the security of your devices, you should be.

Threats are everywhere. An anti-virus program and a firewall isn't always enough. There's no 100% effective Pfizer vaccine for your PC💉

A new one that we've come across - clipboard malware.

This is a piece of software hidden inside a computer that detects when the user has copied a Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency wallet address. The software will then access the clipboard and change the text to a similar-looking but different address, so that when the user pastes the address into their exchange/to make a transaction, it looks like their address, but it's not. This results in currency being sent to the hackers wallet, which cannot be retrieved back 😩

Cybersecurity threats and breaches come at all levels, from phishing to ransomware; all of which are designed to steal intellectual property or personal data. This can seriously harm an individual, or destroy a business; which we see every day in the news.

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