Time To Lockdown

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It was announced last night that the UK is in partial-lockdown.

Firstly, we wish you the best and hope you're all safe, well and prepared. We think that the actions being taken are very much needed, and should have been implemented sooner.

We hope that people will take responsibility for themselves and others, and comply with government advice.

Businesses selling non-essential goods and services have been ordered to closed, and people instructed not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary. This leaves many of us in a bit of a grey area, with regard to what is considered essential and what exactly warrants necessary travel. A summary of these new restrictions can be seen here:

Our primary business is repairs. We can't work from home. People need working phones. Are communications considered essential? It hasn't been made clear. It seems that about half the companies that we work with or are in the same or a similar industry are still open as of today.

For us, we will continue to operate as long as we are willing and able to, without contributing to the problem or increasing any persons risk. We are currently planning out exactly how we will do this, and objectively assessing whether we can at all.

We are here and somewhat open today, to tie up loose ends, speak to customers and suppliers, and put a plan of action in place; which we will announce later. This will likely involve a drop-off/collection & return only system to eliminate social contact entirely. Please do not visit our store today unless we have given authorisation.

Whilst we've been preparing for this since January, It's very important that we dedicate our full care and attention to getting these plans correct, reviewed and tested before implementing them, and ask that you be patient with us and other businesses in similar situations whilst we do this in ever-changing circumstances.

Of course, a stricter lockdown will force us to close all operations entirely. If we are asked to close, we will close immediately.

Thanks for reading!

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