How we can protect both sides of your phone

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Slicing up some fresh TechWraps this week. This "Cloud Pink" Samsung S20 already looked really pretty, and the customer didn't want to put it in a case, so it was just a matter of fitting a clear wrap from edge to edge. This keeps the back of the phone in pristine condition, where it would otherwise get scratched over time. Even if it was in a case, bits of dust and grit would get in and scratch the glass. If and when the customer sells the phone or removes the wrap, it will look good as new! It also makes the phone more grippy, so they will be less likely to drop it!

All modern smartphones have glass backs. Previously, they were made of aluminium, and before that, plastic. The main reason for the transition is that high frequency radio waves can transmit electricity through glass, which enables us to utilise inductive wireless charging.

You could also argue that glass backs are more aesthetically pleasing, but on the flip-side, there's twice as much to crack or scratch. That's why it's a good idea to protect your device with a case and screen protector, or better yet, with a TechWrap from Talkback Comms.

We freshly print, cut and fit high quality screen guards & skins for your phone, tablet or smartwatch in-store. Here we have black carbon fibre, blue carbon fibre, green camo, black camo, silver glitter, matte blue and matte green wraps.

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