Restoring people's sanity with TechWrap

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We live in difficult and unsettling times.

We are still recovering from a pandemic. War is tearing us apart. Our climate is spiraling out of control. There's a huge strain on resources, which is driving up cost of living. Confidence in our political leaders is at an all time low. Our screen protectors become chipped and tatty within just a few days...

And perhaps this is what pushes us over the edge, thrusting us into a mental breakdown that ultimately leads to a complete inability to function as a civilized human in society.

This is where we draw the line, and where we offer you a solution to your suffering.

Talkback's TechWrap is a panacea for your screen protection quandaries and ensuing existential crisis.

Most screen protectors look and work reasonably well for all of 3 days, right? Our TechWraps are significantly more protective and visually-appealing than standard tempered glass.

Like any form of quality protection, it does the job, and you wouldn't even know that it's on there.

And get this - they last for months; sometimes years!

We freshly print, cut and fit high quality screen guards & skins for your phone, tablet or smartwatch in-store.

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