USB-C to become universal

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A new proposal from the EU states that all smartphones sold in Europe will have to use USB-C charging.

This means that Apple will have to eliminate the lightning cable/port, which is still used on all iPhones and some iPads.

This is beneficial to the consumer, as USB-C charges and transfers data faster.

People also want the convenience and consistency of having one cable to charge and connect all of their devices.

USB-C is also considerably cheaper; as unlike lightning; it's universal meaning many manufacturers (Samsung, Google, Huawei etc.) produce them, whereas Apple can inflate the price of their charging equipment.

Disposal of unused charging cables generates more than 11,000 tonnes of waste per year. Switching all smartphones, tablets, cameras, speakers and other devices to USB-C will be a win for the environment.

These things usually take a little while to come in to effect. You can probably expect to see USB-C on iPhones by 2024.

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