Utilizing technology and owning a smartphone has never been more important, or less avoidable

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The government are under increasing pressure to go digital, with apps being the preferred channel for service provision. Makes sense - we spend 4.2 hours per day using apps, on average. It's also more efficient (cheaper) than telephone or face-to-face.

We think that using apps for public services is going to become increasingly prevalent. In 2022, the Government is going to launch a Gov.UK app. This means that you'll be able to access public services - driving licence & address changes, DVLA, voting, visas, taxation, benefits etc., through the app. Throughout the pandemic, people have had to access public services in new ways, including the NHS app, Track & Trace, and vaccine booking service.

We've been increasingly busy with setting up first-time smartphone users, and helping people register with the NHS app or appointment booking apps.

Many people seem reluctant to use apps rather than logging on in browser. Why use an app? It's essentially a series of pages that's optimised for the interface - a small touch screen. It's more efficient and more intuitive, and allows for better utilisation of other smartphone features - access to camera, instant push notifications, location tracking etc.

The bottom line: Embrace it now. Get your family set up and familiar with these apps, and keep login details and passwords stored securely.

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