You might think VR headsets are dumb, but you'll have one soon enough

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I haven't tried the Apple Vision Pro, but I can see why it's blowing people's minds.

The visual clarity, eye tracking and gesture controls look absolutely insane. 

For a first-gen product, it's remarkable.

Very few people bought the first-generation, iPhone, iPod or Apple Watch. Have you used one recently? They suck. But at the time, they were the business.

Now that we have some solid hardware from Apple, it will be very interesting to see what third-party software developers can come up with. Just as the iPhone really came into its own when it opened the App Store, headsets will take off when all the super-smart coding nerds have something to work with.

Apple, along with a handful of other established brands, have a strong foothold on the smartphone market. This is different. This is a new product; a new industry; new technology - and with it, comes huge new opportunities. 8 Billion people are waiting to purchase their first headset. The doors are officially wide open.

There's no shortage of opportunities for new, small companies that you've never heard of to disrupt the market and progress it forward.

OpenAI - a small startup founded in 2015 - has just recently come along and blown Google out of the water. They've now partnered with Microsoft, and are currently leading the hottest industry in the world right now: Artificial Intelligence. Google, not looking quite so untouchable all of a sudden, has responded - releasing a ton of awesome new products in very a short space of time. These companies are greedy (in a good way), and with the stakes at an all-time high, you can bet they're working harder than ever to get their piece of the pie.

This level of breakneck competition is unprecedented, and will accelerate progression in new tech at rates that we've never seen before.

What if augmented reality and artificial intelligence could be combined to create genuinely immersive experiences?

It's a very exciting time.

What I'd give to have a glimpse into the year 2030...
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