What Is Right To Repair?

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The right to repair is a critical movement for our industry.

If you've ever had your phone, tablet or computer repaired, this affects you.

Electronics manufacturers are making it increasingly difficult for their products to be repaired by serializing parts to make components irreplaceable.

Thus, when a part fails, the consumer is left with no choice but to pay an extortionate fee to the manufacturer for repair, or to buy a brand new device.

What should be a £30.00 - £60.00 repair, is more often becoming a ~£1000 new phone.

The end result is shorter product life-cycles, which means greater cost to the consumer, massive environmental damage & e-waste, and increased gains to large corporations at the expense of small businesses and the repair industry.

Would you buy a car if you couldn't replace the tyres?

We must protect our consumers rights - If you cannot choose to repair something that you have bought; you do not own it; you are renting it until it breaks.

Sign this petition to require mobile phones sold in the UK to be repairable by consumers.

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Support Right to Repair Europe

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