What We've Been Up To This Week

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Watching the Euros and fixing phones, mostly.

Can you believe that we're in to the second half of the year?

This year going faster than Kyle Walker down the right wing🏃‍♂️

Time to step it up. Upgrading some of our equipment this week👀


This is an iPad logic board - cursed with slow-charging.

Applying a ton of heat to a small area containing hundreds of components during repair requires more precision than a Luke Shaw cross 🎯

A penny or two can help absorb some of the heat 🔥

Same-day iPad Repair


Is it Jordan Pickford? No, just a raging gorilla🦍

Our double strength glass screen protectors are as solid as England's back four.

This premium quality screen cover offers edge-to-edge protection for your device.

We fit these to all iPhone models in-store 


So damn close 😩🥈

These iPhone back glass jobs are almost as messy as England fans down the pub 🙄

A thorough clean, plenty of cold-press glue, and a few hours in clamps result in a better finish than a Harry Maguire penalty 🙌

Qatar 2022: It's coming home 🎉🏆🍾

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