Why you should consider having a separate phone for work

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Recent reports suggest that work phones are making a comeback.

An increasing number of jobs require workers to use a mobile phone to communicate and complete various tasks.

Whilst companies have typically favoured a "Bring Your Own Device" approach in recent years, mobile carriers are now enjoying a surge in company-issued devices.

This is a direct result of employers clamping down on non-work related phone use, i.e. cruising TikTok whilst you're supposed to be working.

We think this is good. Here's why...

Having a separate phone, free of distracting apps and constant notifications can result in increased focus and productivity.

Being able to disconnect from work has become increasingly difficult. By putting your work phone away at the end of the day/week, you're more able to keep your work and personal life separate.

Establishing appropriate boundaries is the key to having a good work-life balance. #corporatelife is overrated.

If the sound of your ringtone gives you anxiety whilst you're having Sunday dinner with your family, you might benefit from having a separate device for work.

If your company provides a device with pre-installed mobile device management software, you should have a separate device for personal use - unless you don't mind your employer being able to track everything you do on your phone.

Remember, if they're paying for the phone, they're legally entitled to the data on it.

How reliant are you on your device for accessing accounts with two-factor authentication? If you leave the Company, they will probably erase the device and cut off the SIM card remotely. This could leave you in a right pickle.

Carrying two phones around isn't ideal, but with your wallet, clock, iPod, SatNav, calculator and all the other tools on a smartphone, you've probably got the pocket space for them.

All of this applies to laptops and other devices. Having a work laptop and personal phone might be a better setup for some jobs. Find what works for you: what allows you to be efficient and productive; disconnect from work when finished; and protect your privacy.

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