It's Chriiiiiiistmaaaass!!!

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Recent years have seen a masked-up Santa strategically and covertly navigate lockdown zones and government restrictions. Armed with his vaccine passport, nothing was going to stop him from safely dropping sanitized presents down the chimneys of good boys and girls.

Jammed up supply chains meant that some compromises had to be made, but Talkback Comms were able to maintain a steady supply of refurbished SIM-free smartphones and tablets to Lapland throughout the festive periods.

2022 has bought additional challenges for Claus by way of labour shortages. Fortunately, he was able to capitalise on a sudden influx of refuge elf labour. Some heavy modifications to his sleigh should ensure that gifts will remain safe as he travels across Eastern Europe and Asia later this week.

Rising costs have also made things difficult, with the assembly team forced to work long nights in a freezing cold factory, and switch their weekly shops from Waitrose to Aldi in order to meet tight budget targets.

Then, just as things were starting to come together, postal strikes and chaotic delivery depots have sent Santa's team into a frenzy, who himself has already forewarned that some presents will be delayed by 3-5 working days - even when ordered for next day delivery!

Talkback is doing everything possible to support Santa during this time; working long hours; regularly restocking devices and repair parts in an honourable attempt to save Christmas.

This aside, we're expecting a quiet couple of weeks in the shop, but we're here if you need us.
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