COVID-19: Bookings

Please see our COVID-19 statement and updates - Click here

  • Maximum of two people in-store
  • Wear a face covering
  • Sanitize your hands
  • Do not visit if feeling unwell

You do not need to book an appointment before visiting our sore, but please do not visit us if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, suspect there's a chance that you have it, or have been in close contact with someone that has. 

On 05/11/2020, we entered a second national lockdown. We re-introduced our dedicated booking form at the bottom of this page. 

This form is optional. Use this form if you need to book a specific time, or to request collection and/or return.

We will continue to take all necessary precautions to minimise social contact and expect you to do the same. 

We will endeavour to offer the best possible service going forward.

Please understand that we cannot offer you any service if there's any possibility that you or anyone in your home is or has been infected with COVID-19 in the past two weeks.

If you have been in close contact with anyone that has tested positive for COVID-19, or suspect there's any chance that you may have it, please postpone your visit to us.

If you have any questions or need any more information, contact us.