Liquid Damage

These Things Happen
Fortunately we might be able to help. If you've been unfortunate enough to drop your device down the toilet or get it wet, we have a service for you. It's important to note that any amount & type of liquid is likely to cause damage if it comes in contact with the internals of your device. Sometimes this can happen without us even realising it; using our phones in the bathroom or having it in your pocket during a rainstorm for example. Select our Liquid Damage option if your device has gotten wet.

What To Do In The Meantime
If your device has a removable battery then disconnect it immediately. If not, turn your device off. Avoid trying to charge your phone. Water and electricity aren't a good combination. If the device was fully submerged in water, it will remain wet inside for at least 48 hours! When you think it's had adequate time to dry, you can try and power it on to see if it works, but we generally recommend getting your device looked at by a technician sooner rather than later. Whatever's left inside will likely corrode the logic board & other internal components over time; causing irreparable damage. 

Put It In Rice?
We have to dismiss the myth that putting your wet phone in rice is effective in resolving damage caused by liquid ingress. If your car was soaking wet inside, you'd leave it with the windows down in the sun, not in a garage full of rice with the windows up! Silica gel packs are much more effective than rice as they have a much higher atmospheric absorption rate. This is still only a temporary, damage limitation measure to take before getting your device opened and treated. The main reason that the use of rice has seemingly been effective and therefore popularised is because people are leaving their phones turned off and not trying to charge them constantly whilst they're still wet. We work on devices with grains of rice in the charging port & audio jack every day!  

Waterproof Devices
Some devices such as the iPhone 7 & Samsung Galaxy S5 are water resistant. A fully waterproof smartphone has not yet been released. Whilst this is a useful feature, it's still advisable to not submerge one of these devices in water. We've treated IP67 approved devices for liquid damage before. Water resistant devices that have been repaired before are also less likely to be water resistant than they were before being repaired. A broken screen may also reduce water resistance. See the manufacturers website for info on how much your phone can withstand and warranty protection against liquid damage. 

The Process
Our liquid damage treatment service involves fully stripping and delicately cleaning the internals of the device. It's then dried out, reassembled and tested. Any further diagnostic measures are performed as required. Any additional faults will be quoted for separately. Battery replacements are quite often required.

Cost & Warranty
The process costs £25.00 for phones & tablets. Laptops will cost more. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the process will be successful in reviving a dead device, though we have an approximate 60-70% success rate. The £25.00 charge still applies if the device is irreparable or beyond economical repair. The Devices that have had minimal liquid ingress, have not been plugged in to charge, and have been treated quickly will have the best chance of being salvaged, though we offer no guarantee under any circumstances. We also cannot give a warranty on the device. If additional parts need replacing to restore function, a limited warranty is given. A technician will talk to you about this on a case-by-case basis.

The Process

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