Our Loan Phone Service

Being without your phone is a nuisance. Our loan phone service helps minimise the inconvenience of having your phone repaired. 

Whilst most repairs are completed within an hour, some of our services may take longer. Liquid damage repairs, logic board repairs and network unlocks can take a few days to complete in some cases.

If you're in desperate need of a phone during this time, we can provide you with one of our dedicated loan phones. We can transfer your SIM to a loan phone so that you're back up and running whilst we get to work on your device. 

We don't provide ancient, basic or broken phones. We have a range of used iPhones & Samsungs that are in full working order, reset and ready to use for whatever you need.

You can opt to hire a phone from us for just £10 per week, for up to 4 weeks. 

Available for in-store customers only. Limited availability. Terms & Conditions apply.

Contact Us to find out more.