Sell a Device: Terms & Conditions

Please read the following Terms & Conditions before selling your device(s) to us. Confirmation that you have read and understood our Terms & Conditions will be required when completing the form.

1) Payment is made by Talkback Comms via bank transfer

2) The device will be logged, tested and inspected before payment can be made

3) The testing process will involve an internal inspection and functional test

4) Purchase amount is agreed upon, subject to the device being tested. Any discrepancies found in testing that do not match the information stated in the purchase form may result in the purchase amount being amended. Talkback Comms will contact the seller to discuss this.

5) Talkback Comms reserves the right to amend or cancel the transaction if the information provided is inaccurate, or any term or condition is breached. The device will be returned to the seller.

6) Once payment has been made, the transaction cannot be cancelled or reversed.

7) The seller is responsible for postage arrangements to Talkback Comms. Talkback Comms is responsible for postage arrangements back to the seller.

8) Talkback Comms now own this device.

9) You will be liable for legal action if the device is blocked due to an unpaid bill.

Confirm the following when completing the purchase form:

1) The information stated in the purchase form is true, complete and accurate

2) The identification provided is yours

3) This device is yours, or you have permission to sell it

4) The device has never been reported lost or stolen

5) The device has never been liquid damaged

6) All personal information, data and accounts have been removed from the device

7) The account details provided are correct