Testing Our Pre-loved Products

It's vitally important that we test all of our pre-loved phones before sending them to you. This is because we want to assure that the device is fully working and will continue to serve you well long-term. Because of this, our engineers have devised a unique 36 point check list that ensures all features are tested and fixed if necessary before sending to you. Our check list manual is as follows:

  1. IMEI Check
    2. Previous users data (which if found is erased)
    3. Digitiser Inspection
    4. LCD Quality Inspection
    5. Rear Housing Inspection
    6. Liquid Damage Marker Inspection
    7. Charging Port
    8. Home Button
    9. Power Button
    10. Volume Up Button
    11. Volume Down Button
    12. Mute Switch
    13. Alternative Button (If Applicable)
    14. Fingerprint Scanner (If Applicable)
    15. Vibration
    16. Touch Screen Response
    17. Headphone Jack test
    18. Microphone test
    19. Loudspeaker quality test
    20. Earpiece test
    21. SIM Reader
    22. Test call
    23. Signal Strength test
    24. Wi-Fi strength test
    25. Bluetooth connection test
    26. Battery damage inspection
    27. Battery life test
    28. Network Unlock test
    29. iTunes/PC Connectivity test
    30. Voice recognition test
    31. LED Light test (If Applicable)
    32. Rear Camera & flash check
    33. Front Camera check
    34. Proximity Sensor check
    35. Display Orientation test
    36. Factory Reset