Talkback Tips: How to update or restore your disabled iPhone or iPad

If your device says that it is disabled, and to try again in 1 minute, this is because the incorrect pass code has been entered 5 times. For every following incorrect attempt, the time for which you're locked out will increase.

Eventually, you'll run out of chances and be prompted to connect to iTunes. From here you'll be able to update or restore the device. 

1. Open iTunes on a computer or laptop. If you don't have iTunes, download it here:

2. Put your device into recovery mode
For iPhone 6S/6S Plus & older and iPads:
- Turn your device off
- Press and hold the home button - Continue holding the home button whilst connecting your device to your computer or laptop via a USB cable
- Keep holding the home button whilst the Apple logo is displayed. Release the home button once you see the image below or a similar image.

For iPhone 7/7 Plus: 
- Use the volume down key instead of the home button.

For iPhone 8/8 Plus & newer:
- The device will need to be switched on and connected to your computer or laptop. 
- Press and release the volume up button, immediately press and release the volume down button, immediately press and hold the power button.
- Wait for the device to restart and display the recovery image above before releasing the power button 

3. Update or Restore 
- iTunes will recognise that your connected device is in recovery mode, and will give you the option to update or restore.
- If your device is disabled, but you know the pass code, you can do an update to re-enable access. If you don't know your pass code, you'll need to restore your device. This will erase everything on the phone, including the pass code.
- Regardless of which one you choose, your computer will start downloading the newest software for your connected device. You can monitor the progress of this download by clicking the icon with the arrow in the top right corner of iTunes. 
- Once this is done, your device should automatically update or restore to factory settings. If your device restarts during this time, just repeat the process to put it back into recovery mode. 
Other Important Information
- You will need to sign in with you Apple ID and password after update/restore. There is no way to bypass this. If you don't know your Apple ID or password, you can try and get it reset here:
Sometimes, an iPhone or iPad will disable its self when it has a broken or defective screen, and has put the incorrect pass code in by its self.  
- If a restore fails, you will be given an error code, which may indicate a potential hardware or software fault. Try the update/restore again. If it fails again, we can investigate and try to fix the fault. 
- Keep your device plugged in at all times whilst an update/restore is in progress. Use a genuine Apple USB cable if you have one.