Accidental Damage Cover For Your iPhone

Save money on future screen repairs! A new & truly unique service from Talkback Comms!

Purchase 6, 12 or 18 months cover after getting your screen repaired to protect yourself against up to 3 more instances of accidental damage - perfect for serial droppers!  

We currently offer Accidental Damage Cover for iPhone screen repairs. When booking a repair, we can provide a form with the options and price options for your device and repair - OEM Screen Replacement or Non-OEM Screen Replacement.

Online customers are not eligible for Accidental Damage Cover. This service is currently available for in-store customers only.

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Terms & Conditions:

Terms & Conditions:
1. Accidental Damage Cover is only available when the device is repaired by Talkback Comms. Cover can be added when collecting the device.
2. Accidental Damage Cover is a one time purchase that can only be purchased upon collection of the repaired device. The customer can not purchase cover at a later time or date.
3. The policy cannot be upgraded or extended at any point.
4. Accidental Damage Cover is non-refundable.
5. An Excess Fee applies. If you purchase Accidental Damage Care, and then wish to claim a repair, the excess fee stated in this form will apply and is due upon collection. Discount cards and discount codes are not valid when making a claim.
6. A claim can only be made by the person stated in this form, for the device specified in this form. 
7. The policy holder is covered for up to 3 claims within the agreed time period, for the specific repair stated in the form above. Additional repairs/services are not covered by this policy and will be quoted for separately.
8. Cover will start immediately and will expire on the date stated on this form. Claims made after this period will not be covered through Accidental Damage Cover under any circumstances.
9. The policy holder can elect to renew their cover again, at the same price, upon their 3rd and final claim only.
10. If we cannot perform the repair/service required because the device has other faults that cannot be repaired; or the customer decides not to proceed with repair; the excess fee will not be charged, and the Accidental Damage Cover charge will not be refunded.
11. Talkback Comms’ repair prices and Accidental Damage Cover charges are subject to future adjustment. The price of the repair, the price of Accidental Damage Cover & excess fee stated and agreed upon on this form are not subject to change.
12. Most repairs with Talkback Comms come with a 12 month warranty (12 months from the initial collection date). This warranty ordinarily covers manufacturing defects, but not physical damage. Accidental Damage Care is an optional add-on to our existing warranty policy. Read more about our warranty and other terms & conditions for repair at
13. Any replacement components fitted in a repair performed under Accidental Damage Cover will come with a new 12 month warranty which is subject to the same terms & conditions as the original repair.
14. If Talkback Comms deems that the device has been intentionally damaged by the user, this agreement will be voided with immediate effect.
15. If the device has been tampered with by a 3rd party, this agreement will be voided with immediate effect.