Terms & Conditions

Please read the following Terms & Conditions before getting your device/devices repaired. Confirmation that you have read and understood our Terms & Conditions will be required later.

  1. Most repairs carried out by Talkback Comms come with a standard 12 month warranty. This applies If a replacement component develops a fault within this time period (12 months following initial completion). Software, logic board and liquid damage repairs have no warranty or a limited warranty, depending on the repair. 
    Replacement components fitted to a previously liquid damaged device come with a 30-day warranty, which does not extend to faults or symptoms caused by separate liquid damaged components that have not been replaced by Talkback Comms. 
    If Talkback Comms deems the nature of any fault during the warranty period to be due to physical damage, liquid damage, reckless use, pre-existing damage/faults or third-party tampering, then this warranty is void. Physically damaged components will not be replaced under warranty. Water resistant devices are not immune to this policy. Indication of liquid damage will still void the warranty.
    Talkback Comms will take all necessary steps to fully seal a waterproof device but does not guarantee equivalent protection to that of the original factory seal.

    2. Sufficient evidence of prior repair or entitlement to having a repair completed under any warranty or guarantee may be required before we proceed with a repair under-warranty.

    3. If the warranty period for a device or replacement component has expired, there will be additional charges for any repair work. If the device or replacement component has sustained any damage (see term 1), there will be additional charges for any repair work. The customer will be made aware if this is the case.

    4. It is advised that the customer contacts Talkback Comms before sending a device to be repaired under-warranty. This can help establish whether the fault is covered under warranty and rule-out other causes.

    5. Talkback Comms’ ability to fully test and warrant a repair is based on their ability to test it before and after repair. The customer must therefore provide access to their device or supply their pass code. Failure to do this in cases where full testing is required will result in the immediate voiding of any warranty.

    6. Talkback Comms does not accept responsibility for the loss of any data on the device. It is the customers responsibility to back up the device beforehand. The customer will be made aware if the device is going to be wiped or any data is likely to be lost. The customer is also advised to remove their SIM Card and/or memory card from the device.

    7. Talkback Comms will only repair the fault requested at the price agreed upon beforehand. Any additional faults or diagnoses will be quoted for and agreed upon separately before being completed.

    8. Talkback Comms charges an inspection fee of £12 including VAT. This will apply for diagnostic services and inspection or assistance regarding hardware or software faults. The fee also applies if the customer later declines the repair/service. This fee is accounted for in any repair costs. Ask if this fee will apply to you.

    9. Full payment is required upon collection (if collected from repair centre) or before receiving your device back (if sent in post).

    10. Talkback Comms will endeavour to complete any repairs as quickly as possible, though cannot guarantee when a device will be ready in some circumstances. 

    11. In certain and rare circumstances, Talkback Comms may be required to outsource a repair to one of our other trusted repair centres. The device will never leave the country and the customer will be made aware of any changes in timescale. 

    12. If after 3 months the customer has not paid for or collected their device, Talkback Comms reserves the right to recycle the device in order to recover costs. Talkback Comms will make attempts to contact the customer before reaching this stage.

    13. If sending a device/devices to Talkback Comms without a shipping label provided by us, it is recommended that a tracked postal service is used and essential that the contents is protectively packaged. Talkback Comms does not accept responsibility for lost or damaged parcels that have been sent by the customer. 

    14. If returning a device/devices to Talkback Comms for repair/inspection under warranty, the customer is to organise and pay for postage arrangements to the Talkback Comms repair centre. Talkback Comms will organise and cover postage arrangements back to the customer.

    15. By proceeding, the customer understands the Terms & Conditions, and is encouraged by Talkback Comms to discuss any queries they may have


The Process

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