Original vs Compatible Screens For iPhone

We offer our customers two types of replacement screen for Apple iPhones: Original and Compatible.
You can select either option online or in-store.

Product Specifics
> Original - OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) – made by one of the companies that manufactures screens for new Apple iPhones, to the same specification as an original component. The screens are original LCD’s (display panels), refurbished with brand new OEM glass and touchscreen, so it's the same as the original part. This is the highest quality option available.

> Compatible - Non-OEM (Not Original Equipment Manufacturer) - manufactured by an alternative company; fully compatible with the relevant model.
Display quality and resolution is slightly poorer. We use the highest quality compatible assemblies available. 

Why We Offer Both Options
Whilst we'd prefer to only fit OEM and original parts, replacement OEM screens can be expensive to buy, and not within everyone's budget. Whilst most repair centres will only offer copy screens; and Apple only offer original screens; we like to give our customers the choice. Both options are of equal value. 

What You Need To Know
- You get the same 12 month warranty with both options.
- Both components have identical functionality.
- We fit approximately the same number of original and compatible screens. 
- For water resistant devices: A water resistant seal is not guaranteed with either option - as with any water resistant device that has been physically damaged.

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