Talkback Plus; Info, Membership & Benefits

What is Talkback Plus?

Talkback Plus is a premium, member-only service for staff and friends & family of Talkback Plus registered business account holders. Members receive benefits that are not otherwise available to the general public. 

Who is eligible for Talkback Plus?
Talkback Plus is a nationwide scheme offered to select businesses and organisations & their staff and employees. If your company is registered for Talkback Plus and offers staff benefits, you and your friends can access this service.

Enter your companies unique code as discount code at checkout, a note before checkout and/or write it on the Repair Sheet and enclose it with your device.

The account is held by the business/organisation, but is open for use to all its employees & staff. We do not offer personal Talkback Plus accounts. 

Benefits of a business account

  • Priority Service
    Ultra fast turnaround on all our services 
  • Personal Service
    Reach your dedicated account manager at any time
  • Payment Terms
    No need to pay up front - Pay by invoice with credit terms
  • Volume Discounts
    Bespoke and flexible pricing plans to meet your needs and provide maximum value 
  • Talkback Plus
    Redeem the same benefits for your staff, friends & family

We've worked with all manner of organisations since the 80's. We keep it simple. We'll focus on what we do so that we can provide you and your business with genuine value.

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