Making an Apple Sandwich

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This is an iPhone 11 pro logic board.

Lots of modern smartphones use a dual layer printed circuit board (PCB) like this. In the industry, we call it a sandwich board. The board has essentially been cut in half and stacked. This saves on space, so manufacturers can fit a larger battery into a more compact device. Typically, you get around 30% greater total surface area with the two layers combined, compacted into a 30% smaller footprint.

Unfortunately for you, and fortunately for us, these boards are prone to failure. This is because the two boards connect and communicate with each other via those little silver pads all around the edge. Lots of connections, easily severed by a hard drop.

You can see all the various chips - used for power, processing and storage. Parts like the screen, cameras, battery, charging port, and antennas plug in on the other side.

This is a sandwich board that we have split in order to fix an issue with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. They then have to be literally melted back together, which is a long, delicate and satisfying process.

Voilà - Un Apple Sandwiché 🥪 Bon Appétit 👌

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