UK Slams The Brakes On 5G

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One of the big headline stories from last week was the UK's decision to ban Huawei as a 5G provider.

We thought we'd give a simple break down on some of the key points, to give you what you want to know.

> 5G is a huge technological leap - think upgrading from gas lighting to electric lighting - with massive implications for our economy and our lives. Data speeds will be hundreds of times faster; picture downloading an entire movie in seconds; and will be used to run self-driving cars and medical equipment i.e. robot surgeons. Virtual reality, gaming and drone flying will also be taken to the next level.

> Huawei have been front-runners in 5G technology and infrastructure for a while.

> Back in January, the UK announced that Huawei could be part of our infrastructure. It would still be banned from the core of our 5G infrastructure and from operating at sensitive sites sites such as nuclear and military facilities. Their market share was also capped at 35%.

> Huawei are considered a high-risk vendor. The Company is essentially owned and run by the Chinese government, who have previously used spies to steal intellectual property from companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Boeing. Suspicious technology has also been found in their phones.

> This is one component of a very complex and political trade war between the US and China, where the West seems to be falling behind in the tech race.

> The UK has sided with the USA on the issue, and have banned all domestic network carriers from using Huawei 5G.

> This will delay the roll out of 5G, and broadband upgrades, whilst we wait for other companies to get in the mix.

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